Playout iTV Applications

After interactive TV applications have been tested with the related iTV infrastructure, it is time for operators or programmers to deploy them in a production environment.

Interactive TV apps are streamed through the video distribution chain to set-top boxes or connected TVs located in viewers’ households. These apps are then loaded and launched, using a special broadcast signal or “trigger”, which is generated by the iTV playout system; which in most cases is working in connection with an automation system.

Increasingly, operators and programmers are faced with the challenging complexity of deploying iTV applications to a variety of platforms such as cable, satellite and digital terrestrial, with each platform having its own technical standards to deliver interactive television. Installing different iTV streamers which support only a limited subset of standards for each target platform is an expensive and operationally inefficient option.

The ideal iTV playout platform should allow operators and programmers to maximize their viewer reach and simplify their workflow, allowing them to stream interactivity over multiple platforms and across a large variety of middlewares.

The Softel MediaSphere™ suite of iTV solutions includes MediaSphere TX, a highly scalable iTV playout platform that supports a complete list of middlewares and has the unique ability to deliver parallel multi-format playout from a single 1RU server to efficiently stream high volumes of interactive content seamlessly.