Miranda offers a range of solutions that help broadcasters, network providers and MSOs across the world deliver feature-rich programs that increase their audience and enhance their viewers’ loyalty.

Subtitling and Closed Captioning
The Swift™ family of subtitling and captioning software products provides end-to-end subtitle and caption processing for SD, HD and 3D video:

Swift Create: subtitling and captioning software that creates and re-purposes subtitles and captions.
Swift vTX: subtitling and captioning software that encodes, decodes and inserts subtitles and captions to/from media asset files.
Swift TX: subtitling and captioning software that transmits and transcodes subtitles and captions at time of air in a variety of formats.
Swift Subtitle Monitor: DVB subittle monitoring for over 25 channels at once.
Swift ReSync™: subtitling and captioning software that automatically synchronizes subtitles and captions with video.

Interactive TV
MediaSphere™ includes a range of interactive TV playout and management solutions to help programmers and operators test and rapidly deploy interactive applications.

Second Screen
MediaSphere Bridge is a solution  that allows broadcasters to offer seamless second screen experiences by linking the first and the second screen thus providing viewers two-way interaction between their TV and their tablet or smart-phone.

Headend Components
MediaSphere DTA is a transport stream generator capable of delivering SI and EPG data to digital TV converters, also known as DTA, as well as software updates.

Ancillary Data Processing
vFlex™ is a versatile ancillary data processor that helps broadcasters receive, insert and process a variety of ancillary data in the broadcast stream.

Audio Description/ Descritptive Video
Swift ADePT enables the efficient preparation and recording of audio description ( or descriptive video ancillary audio tracks for TV, DVD and film.

Cyclone™ generates, inserts and manages the playout of Teletext data.

Ad Insertion and Opt Cuing
Oliver™ encodes, decodes and inserts alternate content feeds such as targeted commercials.