MediaSphere™ Headend Products

Miranda has a highly respected heritage in the interactive television space, and is also a world leading provider of ancillary data headend components. Miranda has combined decades of know-how to provide an expanded  line of key headend solutions.

While operators continue to reclaim bandwidth from hungry analog systems using in-home DTA devices, MediaSphere DTA provides a neatly packaged solution for streaming the various data (such as Service Information/SI, Electronic Program Guide/EPG and Video on Demand/VOD) to these devices as is required.

Similarly, in the connected TV space, it is important to provide the signalling information that such devices rely on. So, MediaSphere Signal offers a neat solution for the emerging Connected TV space.

MediaSphere Bitmax brings a wide variety of transport stream processing capabilities to the headend, in a single product. As a framework-based solution MediaSphere Bitmax can perform a very wide array of tasks, such as:

  • Taking multiple disparate inputs and multiplexing (or “muxing”) them in to one deliverable coherent transport stream
  • Re-timing and “re-stamping” operations
  • Providing a complete dynamic headend signalling system

Your account manager will help design a solution to match your headend requirements.