ScheduleSmart™ is a subtitle and caption control center that determines the optimum point in the workflow at which to bind subtitles, captions and other ancillary data to content.

Subtitles and captions can be ingested or bound at different times in the lifecycle of the content:

  • Early binding occurs when subtitling or captioning files are matched to the content well ahead of transmission
  • Late binding occurs closer to air time and is only possible thanks to faster-than-real time encoding techniques
  • Live binding occurs at time of broadcasting, for either truly live content like sports and news, or for time-of-air binding of subtitle and caption data/files.

ScheduleSmart automates the selection of the correct encoding method using either Miranda Softel Swift™ vTX to insert subtitles and captions directly to file based media assets, or Miranda Softel Swift TX, to handle live binding.

ScheduleSmart was shortlisted for the CSI 2011 Awards


ScheduleSmart was shortlisted for the CSI 2011 Awards