Swift™ Create

Swift™ Create is a subtitling and closed captioning software and workstation that allows the preparation and repurposing of subtitles and closed captions. Swift Create supports all formats of Open, Closed and DVD/Blu Ray subtitles and closed captions. Swift Create subtitling and closed captioning software has the ability to convert from one format to another while repurposing content to optimize productivity.

Swift Create can be used with Swift ReSync™ TiGo  to automate the process of timing subtitles and closed captions to video as they are initially typed or spoken in order to increase productivity and reduce cost.

For the preparation of 3D subtitles and closed captions, Softel has developed an upgrade to Swift Create that integrates with Pixel Power to allow users to either repurpose 2D subtitles and closed captions or to create them from scratch. The upgraded Swift Create allows Z-axis placement metadata to be stored for each subtitle and caption whilst ensuring that this is within a pre-specified 3D object space.

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