Swift™ TX

Swift™ TX is a versatile subtitle and closed caption processing platform which enables the playout and transmission of subtitles and closed captions in the full range of global formats and standards. It integrates seamlessly in workflows and supports the transmission across DVB, Open, VBI and CC, as well as other ancillary data such as XDS.

Swift TX meets the demands of multi-language, multi-format time-of-air subtitle and closed caption transmission facilities, with automation playlist synchronization interfaces, and offers the ability to transcode between subtitle/caption standards in real-time. It integrates with Swift vTX, Softel’s encoder/transcoder,  by transcoding file-based encoded mezzanine format VBI or VANC subtitles and closed captions into open or closed, Teletext or DVB, format in real time.

In complex workflows, Swift TX combines with Swift TX Dashboard to configure and monitor multiple transcoding and transmission operations. Dashboard acts as a central unifying point from which to administer multi-channel, multi-language subtitling and closed captioning installations.

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