Softel to Discuss the Future of Second Screen Technology at TVoT NYC Intensive 2012

Softel announced today that its CEO, Sam Pemberton will take part in a panel discussion focused on the future of the second screen technology at the TVoT NYC Intensive on December 10, 2012. Taking place at 2.05 pm, the panel is entitled “Getting in Sync: What’s Next for Second Screen Technology?” and will explore recent developments impacting the technological infrastructure of second screen interactive TV and social TV.

Softel is at the fore front of TV interactivity, with innovative second screen synchronization technologies based on an in depth knowledge of broadcast triggering and strong connections with multiple Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) systems. Its second screen platform, MediaSphere™ Bridge, uniquely offers connectivity via either of these technologies and thus can adapt to a variety of ecosystems.


“Research indicates that TV viewing time and attention amongst a significant subset of viewers is shared with the second screen”, said Sam Pemberton, Softel’s CEO. “So programmers will increasingly decide to make their content interactive, and further engage with their audiences. However the second screen and smart TV space are nascent and second screen platforms need to adapt quickly to deliver the interface consumers demand and ensure programmers are able to provide in-depth metrics and user-friendly transaction capabilities to their advertisers, and this regardless of the existing infrastructure.”

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