Subtitling and Captioning

For complete end-to-end subtitling and captioning, Miranda offers Softel Swift™,  a family of software that enhances productivity and reduces operation costs. The Miranda Softel Swift family of products allows you to create, manage, repurpose, encode, transcode, insert, monitor and transmit subtitles and captions.

The Miranda family of Softel subtitling and caption software can be used with a wide range of file formats and have been optimized for multi-channel and multi-language broadcasting over a variety of platforms including the web and mobile.

Miranda works closely with leading video server manufacturers and automation system providers, achieving seamless integration in broadcast workflows for enhanced productivity and efficiency. For 3D subtitles and captions, Swift has been enhanced to support 3D BDN file specifications as well as external 3D graphics insertion systems for both preview and transmission.

This guide from Miranda examines “The 10 Most Common Subtitling and Captioning Challenges” and explores how to deal with them.